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Instructions for making temporary protective shields in the Corona-Crisis

It is nearly impossible to get normal protective shields for reasons of an immense requirement of protective shields in this pandemic situation. This results in an higher risk for medical staff treating infectious people.

Dr. Mark D. Frank, Leader of emergency room at clinic Görlitz in Germany had posted instructions for construction of a simple protective shield using a laminated pouch, foam, Rubber band and a stapler.

We, Lukas and Dr. Ludger Stenneken constructed a 3D-frame for the laminated pouch, that puts the pouch in an optimated form and show you in this manual how to build a provisionally protective shield.

You can download the 3D-data by clicking on the links below.

There are 2 sizes: Universal with frame-size 18.5cm (7.2 inches) and XL with frame-size 21cm (8.2 inches)


Before downloading the files you have to accept the following terms: We take no guarantee at all for the form or the whole provisionally constructed protective shields. The shields only have to be used as spare shields in times of crisis if there are no regular shields availiable. It’s not allowed to change the 3D-data.

Downloadlink Universal

Downloadlink XL

You need a 3D-printer to manufacture the form. The advantage of using the form in combination with the laminated empty pouch is the improved structure of the shield. There are three ventilation slits included, which convolute in the form to prevent the shield from misting up. The convolution is a protection from transmission of aerosol. You can close the ventilation slots with some glue if desired.

Material list:

The 3D-form, printed with a 3D-printer,

An empty laminated pouch of Din-A4 (29.7cm to 21cm, you need a laminator),
or a similar transparent foil,

Some foam or self-sticking compriband

Some all purpose adhesive, a rubber-band of 15 to 20 mm height from sewing supplies
or some fabric of your choosing.

You have to check first if the laminated pouch fits in the form. It can be trimmed with scissors if necessary. Remove the fitting foil from the frame and fill the slot in the frame with some all purpose glue. After that, the foil can be inserted in the slot. For better sealing draw a glue line on the outside and inside on the connection of foil and frame.  Now you have to wait for the glue to dry.

After the glue has dried adhere a fitting piece of foam or compriband in the inside of the form.

At last pull the rubber band through the side-slots of the form and tie the ends together.

If the lower edges of the foil are too sharp or disable an adequate movement of the head, they can be trimmed by scissors in a round way.


This is a building instruction for a provisorically protective shield in times of Corona-Crisis 2020. By using this instruction for building these shields you are totally self-responsible for the used materials and the use of the produced shields. We give no guarantees at all. Due to time constraints it wasn‘t possible for us to check patents before releasing this instruction. But: this is an instruction for a provisorically protective shield ONLY to use if there are no regular protective shields availiable. There is no reason to use the produced shields after end of crisis.

The frame was freely constructed by us without using any existing data in times from 19th to 22th of march 2020.

Our intention was giving more protection to medical staff that treats infected persons as fast as possible. 

You can share the 3D-data, but it isn‘t allowed to change them. Please don‘t sell the produced shields but give them to medical staff at your location for free or a minimal amount for material. Times of crisis requests solidarity, not striving for profit. With delivering your product you have to point out that it’s a PROVISIONALLY protective shield as described above. 

Lukas Stenneken, owner of LS3D CadCam, special construction and 3D-printing company
Dr. Ludger Stenneken, Dentist

email-Kontakt: corona@stenneken.info